Bluebird Pomade was designed by the Devil Doll herself, Colleen Duffy, and is manufactured by High Life Pomade. After having grown up in a barber shop as a little kid, she grew to recognize the mixed aroma of hair products, Old Spice and cigar smoke, as a comforting one indeed. "I would spend days at the barber shop with my grandpa hanging out with all the old men. They would take turns buying me comic books and Kit Kats, and they would smile at me and tell me jokes. I was always happy and always felt safe to be surrounded by so many adoring 'grandpas'", she recalls. She wanted to bring the comfort of the long-past barber shop days into present time with a female perspective.

"The men I grew up around in the barber shop were real men. They had real stories that they would tell with such fervor it could pull a tear from your eye or throw you from your chair in explosive laughter. They taught me about community, bonding and friendship...and they were "GENTLEMEN" in every sense of the word. These men took immense pride in their appearance and chivalrous ways, and they loved women," she adds. Colleen explains that she wanted to create a pomade that had a smell reminiscent of the barbershop gentlemen from her youth. She wanted to create a scent that would be attractive to women, and make men feel like men. It is a hard scent to describe, and she humorously yet accurately describes it as "the sexy grandpa smell."

The pomade is getting rave reviews and the ladies and gents alike are simply flipping over the smell. Try it for yourself and see how many winks and lipstick kisses you get by the end of the day...

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